How to clear pain when it's really bad.

What’s the natural reaction to pain?

Depending on what symptoms we’re suffering, we go to the doctor, we take medication, we wince, we detach ourselves from others or get under the covers.

We try our best to GET RID OF IT, clear it, stop it, calm it down, cut it out.

But what if the symptoms are a message to you?

What if your symptoms are an end result of a build up of consequences, of experiences, of thoughts and feelings?

If they are a message for us to learn something about ourselves then if we try to get rid of it..IT WILL GET WORSE.

-Most of my clients have been seeing their doctor or other specialists FOR YEARS and still haven’t got any better.

If you hit your thumb with a hammer, you don’t blame the flesh for becoming a bruisy lump. ..We soothe it and try not to hit our thumb again! Right?

In this day and age we are brought up to trust the doctor knows best.

But who lives in YOUR body?

Who thinks YOUR thoughts?

YOUR feelings?

Who experiences every second, every moment of YOUR life?

The ONLY person who has ALL the power to direct and influence your life is only and ever was YOU!!

Where you focus your attention, everything else will follow. Including every cell in your physical body.

..If I ask you to think of pink elephants, what do you think of?!!!

Your mind is instant and so are the responses of your blood, your flesh, your emotions and everything else.

How to clear pain when it's really bad.

Face your ‘dragon’ as it rises.

What does that mean?:
When you feel discomfort or pain, try to relax as best you can, breathe deep and slow and mentally connect, ‘sit’ with your pain.

Be in the centre of it and the pain will go.

Let go of the outcome.

Your body knows how much attention it needs in order to go.

For some people it’s stubborn and nothing seems to happen, for some it’ll get worse, for some it completely goes, for others it will move about and shift to other places.

>>Whatever happens, it’s what your body needs to process and release the discomfort.

Be patient and let your body do what it needs to do ie heal!

If you want help to do this, I offer a free call to give you clarity about what’s creating your pain and what you can do to clear it for good, even when you don’t think this could possibly work for you - what have you got to loose, it’s free!

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