I feel that you're a healer.  Somehow you move in different areas and realms going in and out.  You feel the connections physical and spiritual.  Sometimes painful, you link it to somewhere else and it goes!  It's like a journey.  Absolutely wonderful                 - Melita Kolin, famous pianist, writer and artist.

Amazing. You are an amazing healer. I think when you feel better just for being in a healer's company, you are in the company of a great healer. And you are one such healer! Thank you so much for all your empathetic work with me last night. It was my first time of having a healing by skype, and it works just fine!  - Karen Jones, New Zealand


"I have always felt your instinctive deep wisdom to be profound and correct" -J, Wimbledon


"wonderful skills" -C, Wimbledon