Are you doubtful this or any method can work for you?

By the time you’ve reached here, you’re probably pretty cynical anything can work for you.

Take heart, that’s understandable. You may have tried so many things, maybe even got some good results but it hasn’t really fixed your thing and you’ve spend soo much money. It’s hard to believe something could actually work for you.

On this video I address this. Find out-

>Why we try so hard but get worse instead of better.

>How to actually get the results you want in a way that works for you even when you find it difficult to believe.

>How to stay focused on what's really going to make a difference to you.

Trying so hard but not actually getting the results you want?

What’s the definition of insanity? - Keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. One of my clients asked me “Shall I use a hot water bottle?” When I asked him if that helps he said “No”!!

Of course you’re going to look for something that works but are you looking in the right direction?

If what you’re doing doesn’t work…IT DOESN’T WORK!

When we are in pain and suffering physical symptoms, we react to the sensations.

Like when we listen to a great song - it draws our attention, we feel the vibe, it gets us moving, we are compelled to sounds great. We don’t analyse the combination of musical instruments, wonder what key they’re playing, wonder how many beats to a bar, wonder about the history of the singer….WE JUST LOVE IT! It makes us feel good.

It’s exactly the same with healing - we cannot heal through the analytical mind. To believe or not believe is a thought process based on your understanding, upbringing and personal views. But the body is an experience and when we relate to it, feel into it, give it space to is allowed to release, no matter what created the issue.

To actually get the results you want you have to feel into your pain, connect with it.

You know what happens to iron filings when you pass over a magnet? They move with it. It’s exactly the same with healing - your focus is the magnet and your body the iron filings aligning.

There are reasons you’re suffering and it’s not the surface condition you’re experincing. Your body is physically reflecting what’s going on inside of you.

Healing is simple - you’ve just got to face the issue, the symptom, the dragon. I know it can seem like a tall order but healing is simple. It’s the resistance, the before the healing moment that stops us, that seems so hard.

When you know what’s really causing your problems and address them, symptoms will fall away.

Like my client, Ally. She had endometriosis - a chronicly painful condition of the womb that ususally stops women having children.

That was the symptom she presented when she came to me. Over the time we worked together, it transpired that she wanted children dearly but her husband didn’t.

Where do you think those longing feelings went? They didn’t dissapear. She wanted children.

Her body was reflecting her feelings of ‘she can’t have children’.

When she mentally, emotionally realised this, her symptoms stopped and she became pain free. It’s like completing an electrical circuit. Break the circuit with stress or trauma or a block of some kind and electricity cannot flow.

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