Pain releases when you do this

Are you still suffering from the same symptoms?
Have you tried everything but you're still stuck?

You've tried everything now and you still haven't found and real release from the symptoms or pain.
Your life has changed and you've become someone else before your eyes................the symptoms are stopping you doing the things you want and being the person you know you are.

This is pretty awful for you, I know but are you looking at things in the right way????????

The first and most import thing to understand and get it crystal clear is that pain is not your enemy!
Your body's not suffering in order to torment you and give you a tough life....

Your body is showing you exactly where to focus so you can heal and get your life back the way you really want.

Imagine that!

By the time you're suffering badly, it's usually associated with many emotions, fears, memories, thoughts - and that's what's keeping you stuck in pain.
Don't worry, you're normal, you're human!!
This is our human experience to grow and learn about's a good thing you're in pain!!!
It's a lesson.
The question is:
Are you going to listen and move on??????????

Here's how to use your pain to clear it for good==>

Focus on the pain...Close your eyes, breathe into it deeply and slowly. Feel to the centre of the pain.  Breathe into the strength of it.  Hang on in there, it might be intense...but it will release when you do this.  How long that will take will be how deeply you're holding onto it.  It's not your fault, it's just how it works!  Be patient with yourself and if it's too much, do this until you've had enough then try again later.

This is your pathway to pain-free.

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