How to clear back pain

First, you need to understand what it's doing there.
Everyone's unique but generally, it's all about support.

...Do you feel supported?

And it depends on where the pain is in your back.

..If it's high up around the shoulders, it's about responsibility
..In the mid back, it's about digesting (life) things and coping.
..Lumber area - containment, being put upon.
..Very low spine - the basics are not sorted - where you live, what you are doing, family support issues, drive.

When you mentally, emotionally connect and understand what your body's trying to tell you... the pain releases - there's no longer a reason for the pain to be there.  It's been heard, it's done it's job.

Your body is not your enemy.  It physically shows you how you are feeling and how you think.
The good news is that the body never lies and it's showing you exactly where to focus to come into alignment with yourself, with your life...and to clear your pain.

You're not here to suffer.
There is a way to clear your pain even if the doctors have given up on you.
You just have to tap the right buttons.

Here're the steps you need to clear pain now