Why Doctors Can Never Fix You.

Doctors learn about symptoms and medicine to cure you but unfortunately, the body is vastly more complex and expanded.

What about hope?

What about your dreams and wishes for yourself?

What about the stress you've been under or the circumstances of your life?

...When I take a medical history, I ask about not only the presenting symptoms but also, how do you feel?  What's happening in your life?  How do the symptoms affect you?
Once a client told me the names of her diagnosed symptoms and she was very perturbed that I did not know what they were.
The names of things are helpful but not necessary to healing.

Healing is all about the eb and flow of energy and when you encourage that, healing takes place.

Your body is not something you just walk about in.  It is a physical expression of YOU!  
You cannot cut bits off or take drugs and expect healing to take place unless you consider the whole self.

I have treated many people post operations or attending pain clinics to manage the pain, who are suffering shock from their accident or operation.
Once doctors/surgeons have cut your bits off!! or have given you medication, that's their bit done and you're supposed to go away and heal.

What about the reason you're suffering?

What about the consequences of your life?

What about how you feel?

...These things are vital to address and understand if you are to change your life.

If you are suffering an ailment or are in pain or have injuries from an operation or an accident.
Try my 3 step process:

  1. address the pain directly - breathe into it, explore it, feel into it.  Your pain is like the tip of the iceberg.  Your body is telling you where you need to focus in order to heal.
  2. support that healing - can be really simple but do what's needed according to your ailment eg rest, drink water, keep warm...
  3. look to the future - and where you want to go.  This vision affects your healing today and helps to keep you focussed on your path if you wobble.