Welcome to DAY 2 of your HEALING CHALLENGE 


DAY 2-

Now we look at what’s REALLY creating your symptoms.

When you address the root cause, the symptoms never get started. Just like when you pull a weed from the’s gone.

How to find out the root cause of the symptoms and how to clear it.

There’s a reason you’re suffering and it’s not the symptoms themselves, although it can feel like that.

If someone has a head ache it might be that they’ve been on a computer all day, they have too many worries driving them crazy, they may have a pressure build up from tight neck muscles..there a many reasons and unless the root causes are addressed it would be like cutting off the weed without pulling the root - it will come back.

There are two ways to do this

1. Once you’re really connecting with the pain/discomfort (STEP ONE), ask yourself:

-What does the pain remind you of?

=What emotions or memories does it trigger?

Write that down.

2. Describe how the pain feels to you.

eg it’s sharp, overwhelming, intense, deep, etc, etc

Write these answers down too, now ask yourself-

What else in your life has the EXACT same descriptions?

Your answer is the the ROOT CAUSE.

So now go back to STEP ONE focussing on this root cause.

Watch the videos and I walk you through how to do this-



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