Welcome to DAY 1 of your HEALING CHALLENGE 


Facing the dragon! For instant pain relief.

I call your pain and the dreadful sensations you’re experiencing ‘the dragon’ because that’s what it can feel like.

To start your healing

‘Meet’ your dragon where it is.

Relax into the sensations.

Breathe slowly and deeply and

Wait for however long your body needs to sort itself out. ie heal and balance.

When you cut yourself, you don’t need to tell your skin to heal. It already does that, right?

This method is the same. Trust that it works, follow the simple steps above.

For some, the pain will go straight away. For others it might be more stubborn.

Some reasons for this are that your symptoms may have been there and been developing for a long time. There maybe a lot of resistance and well practiced patterns. But whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter, be patient with yourself, relax and keep doing the steps above. If you need help with this come into the Facebook group and reach out to me.

Whatever happens relax into the pain, breathe deeply and sit with it until the pain goes.

If it doesn’t go and you’ve had enough, come back to it later and start again.

Vee didn’t believe it would work for her but she tried it and it cleared her back pain.

Watch the video and I walk you through the whole thing-


Now come into the Facebook group - I’ll be in there LIVE every day this week giving extra guidance and answering any questions you may have. You’re not alone and I’m here to support you on your healing journey. click here to go to the Facebook group.

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