Hi, I'm Althea Finch, here to guide you back to your centre so you can be pain-free and living the life you really want. 


If you're...

  • Experiencing post-operative pain or shock around joints or muscles which are causing discomfort or secondary symptoms.

  • Suffering with niggling pains, headaches, joint or backache, digestive issues or stress related issues.

  • Dealing with chronic or long term pain, that's been around forever.


I can help.



Having worked as a complementary therapist for over 27 years and studied many holistic and intuitive, healing modalities including Shiatsu, Reiki and other energy therapies, I've developed my own system designed to bring about self-healing and transformation so that you can release pain and get back living the life you really want.


I help people who feel trapped with physical or emotional pain to work with their body’s natural rhythms to clear, balance & strengthen the body, allowing it to return to full and vibrant health.


If you'd like to find out how this approach can work for you to release YOUR painful symptoms, click below to get started. 


Are you struggling with aches and physical pains that won't shift, no matter what you do?


Discover how to unlock the healing power of your body and release the blocks that keep pain trapped with this FREE eGuide

> Discover what's really causing your pain and why taking painkillers or even having operations won't do anything if you don't first identify & address the root cause.

> Uncover why your body might be holding onto pain through my powerful journalling exercise so you can release it for good.

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