Do you wish you could free yourself from niggling aches or chronic pain and finally be rid of it?


>> Do you feel restricted in your movement, unable to live your life to the full?


>> Have you tried painkillers, herbal remedies, rehab or even surgery but you’re still living with discomfort?


If you’ve been stuck with physical or emotional pain for so long that it’s blended into your everyday life and you’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever feel “normal” again...


I can help.


You don’t have to live with the pain.

As a holistic therapist specialising in the mind-body connection, I help people who feel trapped with physical or emotional pain to work with their body’s natural rhythms to clear, balance & strengthen the body, allowing it to return to full and vibrant health.


Having helped many people clear their pain issues, both complex and simple for over 30 years, I’ve come to learn that one simple principle governs wellbeing & health:


The body is bio-logical… i.e it makes sense.


Therefore, by looking beyond the physical symptoms and into the underlying patterns that hold pain in place, we’re able to work with the body to allow it to return to full health, which often results in rapid and long term results.



Imagine being able to...


>> Live pain free, no longer feeling trapped by your body or constricted in life.

>> Have full range of movement and being able move about as you please.

>> Feel deeply connected to your body, understanding its phenomenal wisdom and knowing how to aid its return to full health whenever pain or symptoms occur.

>> Wake up every morning feeling strong and confident, in a body that feels WELL and a mind that’s clear and calm.  





My private coaching programs designed to help you go from chronic pain to clearing it for good where you’ll:


Be guided through how to identify and release stress & pain for yourself so you can start to feel the benefits immediately, without needing to learn complicated techniques or lofty theory.

Understand how your mind and body are intimately connected and how the body doesn’t react randomly and is in fact, extremely logical (hence the term “bio-logical” - i.e it all makes sense)

Uncover the stuck patterns or habits that keep the body stuck in pain and learn the deeper truths and lessons required to graduate from this “lesson” and move onto the next life class :-)

Develop a toolbox of daily practices, rituals and healing techniques you can use on yourself to keep you healthy and strong in the future, no matter what comes up.


Sound good?




beach-21815_640 (2).jpg


Designed for those with chronic or long-term symptoms who are ready to uncover the root causes, and be fully supported by me as you release the pain and get back to doing the things you really want.

I guide you through every step of the way.

The 90-days of support includes:

>A personalised healing action plan tailored to you.

>1 x 120-minute deep dive call

>7 x 60-minute follow-up calls

>Pain-Free Starter kit - detailing the complete healing protocol of how to clear your pain.

>Guided meditations to help and support your healing.

>Flower Remedies with every call as needed, to help and maximise your healing.

To explore if this would be the right option for you, book a free 30-minute call with me-



What’s the method, what do you do?

It’s a powerful self healing method called the PainFree Method.

Imagine and electrical circuit. If there’s a break anywhere, the flow of electricity won’t work. When you’re ill or in pain, it’s like a break in the circuit. You won’t feel good and can’t function properly.

With the PFM I teach and guide you how to heal the break and get your natural flow (health) back again.

Pain creates disconnection. I show you how to reconnect and heal.

How will you get my pain to go away?

There are 3 steps -

The first step is to address the pain.  To address the symptoms and get relief.

Next we’ll clarify the root cause, fundamental to stop triggering the discomfort.

And finally, learn what to do to support your healing, so the conditions have no chance to come back.


How can my pain go without touching?

Touch is not as important as focus. 

Where you focus, everything follows, including your muscles and bones.

Pain is your body’s way to tell you where to focus and what to do about it.

I’m going to help you understand your body's pain messages so you can learn what it's trying to tell you and heal.