The PainFree Mastery Summer School - July 2019

… for midlife women struggling in chronic or long term pain and are READY to heal...

... naturally without medication or operations. 



  • Understanding flow.

Learn about flow and energy.  How to affect that in your life and how lack of flow creates pain and disease.  So you know how pain develops in you and what you can do to stop it.

Feel good list:

Start shifting your energy to the positive and into flow so you stop ill-health and negativity hanging around you

Present to future:

No journey starts without a map or a direction of focus.  You’ll get clear on where you are now and where you want to go or be.  

Week 1: How to release pain. 

Understanding how pain release works, why it works and how to make it work for you when pain arises.

You’re going to learn exactly what to do to clear your pain as it happens.  Feel back in control of your body and what’s happening in it.  You’ll no longer be restricted or dictated to by your symptoms but fully in charge and know how to feel good quickly.


Week 2: Root cause.

How to identify and release the original cause of your pain and conditions.

Learn a simple technique that clearly shows you the exact original cause of your present day symptoms so you can release them and never have the symptoms even begin.

Heal and release any stories, feelings and thoughts that are connected to your condition.

Week 3: Blitz the issues.

You’ll learn how to clear those specific issues in your life that keeping coming back, keep you stuck - old patterns, relationships, circumstances.

Learn to use the ‘dreamwheel’ to clear issues by action and creative focus.

Week 4: Healing plan.

Your personalized healing plan going forward.  So you have a clear healing action plan.

Developing your personal “Daily Actions” - daily actions that change your body and your life for the positive and into flow where ill-health cannot exist.  Putting you back in charge of your body, knowing what you can do to make healing changes.

To stop wasting time and energy on ineffective methods and know what is actually going to work specifically for you.

Quick check list.

Know what to do if you’re pain and if you’re not then what to do to stop pain returning.

PLUS, THREE Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Done for you meditations.    

Guided meditations for deep healing when you need it most and different styles to show you how to meditate effectively - learning how to centre which is where the healing happens.

BONUS #2: Understanding messages from your body.

Learn what your body’s telling you.  Why it’s creating those symptoms in that particular part of your body.  What does it mean and how can you understand the logic of what you’re suffering.

Knowing this allows you to connect with your body, bring yourself together energetically and into line - the healing, balanced place.       

BONUS #3: Quick fix healing:

When you feel yourself slipping out of flow, feeling negative or when something’s got to you - Knowing what to do in these moments gives you back the reigns and in control of your feelings no matter what.  You’ll know what to do to get back into flow and feeling great quickly.

FULLY SUPPORTED: Exclusive Facebook Group

Managing and coping with pain can be incredibly lonely and isolating within oneself.  Not being understood and misjudged. Here you get both understanding and support from me and others going through something similar.

The PainFree Method Summer School will be an immersive experience, where together with others suffering similar circumstances, you’ll spend the Summer cultivating a healing space within and without so pain never takes hold again.



Starts week commencing Monday 24th June, inside the Facebook group.


Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th July @ 4pm UK / 11am EST.


Wednesday 10th July @ 4pm UK / 11am EST.


Wednesday 10th July @ 4pm UK / 11am EST.


Wednesday 17th July @ 4pm UK / 11am EST.

All classes will be delivered via Zoom online, so you can attend from anywhere.

All classes will be recorded, and you will have unlimited access to the replays inside a private members’ portal.


Offer Until 5pm Monday 2nd July: £99

Post-launch, price will increase to £299.

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