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Ready to get rid of your pain for good? 

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  • Learn a quick technique that you can use right now to give instant relief from your pain. 

  • Make sense of your symptoms and discover the root cause of your pain.

  • Know what really works for you so you don’t waste your time, effort or money.

  • Release old patterns and blocks which get in the way of your healing.

  • Learn how to balance & strengthen your body and start doing the things you really want to be doing.

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Learn how to clear your pain and conditions for good.

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5 days of gentle guidance. Find out how the PainFree Method can work for you.

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Jo cleared 9 months of knee pain in just ONE DAY with the PainFree Method.


It was SO amazing her doctor was SHOCKED at the improvement!

Watch the video to hear it in her own words.


Hi, I'm Althea Finch, healer and therapist of over 30 years. I’m the founder of the PainFree Method.

I'm here to guide you back to your centre so that you can release your pain for good. Not manage, not learn to live with but completely go.

If you're...

  • Suffering with niggling pains, headaches, joint or backache, digestive issues or tight stressed mucles.

  • Experiencing post operative or accident pain, shock or discomfort around the joints and muscles.

  • Dealing with chronic or long term pain or conditions, that've been around forever.


I can help.


I developed the PainFree Method. A powerful, effective self-healing method.  Designed to get you back in control of your body and life again. Pain-free.

The PFM is based on creating flow between your feelings, thoughts and physical body and clearing physical conditions.

With the PFM you’ll learn to really listen and engage with your own body and your own natural healing system. The part of you that heals cuts, that regulates your heart beat.

  • Learn how to clear painful sensations the moment you get them.

  • Understand and clear the original causes so the symptoms don’t return.

  • Create harmony and balance in your life as a whole so you can allow yourself to grow and expand as you were born to do.

I know this method isn’t for everyone so I offer a free 45-min call to find out how the PFM can work for you. On the call, you’ll get a healing experience so you’ll know for sure if this can work for you.