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Ready to get rid of your pain for good? 

Get your FREE guide to clear pain and conditions and I’ll show you how. 

Inside this guide you will:

>>Learn 3 simple steps to get your healing started. 

>>Find out the original cause of your pain so the symptoms don’t even start.

>>Know what healing actions work for you so you don’t waste your time, energy or money doing ineffective things.


What is healing? It is reconnecting with you. Healing is easy and you’ve got all the tools you’ll ever need to do that WITHIN YOU.

Learn how to relieve pain as soon as it appears.

Understand why your body is creating those symptoms - what would your pain say to you?


Jo tried the PainFree Method and in just ONE DAY, cleared 9 months of chronic knee pain so bad she could hardly stand up.

Even her doctor was SHOCKED at the improvement!

Watch what happened in her own words.



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5 days of guidance. Experience how the PainFree Method can work for you.

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If you're...

  • Suffering with niggling pains, headaches, joint or backache, digestive issues or tight stressed muscles.

  • Experiencing post operative or accident pain, shock or discomfort around the joints and muscles.

  • Dealing with chronic or long term pain or conditions, that've been around forever.


I can help.


With over 30 years of therapeutic experience I saw how healing worked, how when you connect your thoughts and feelings to what’s happening in your body symptoms will go. From this I developed a simple 3-step method to clear pain and now I want to show you how.

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