What's your emotional link to pain?

Physical symptoms aren’t the real cause..but what is?

In this video, I show you how to understand what’s really going on, what’s the true cause of your physical symptoms.

Your body doesn’t think, it does body things!

When things go wrong in the body, they are just reflecting everything else that’s going wrong in your life too - thoughts, feelings, experiences.

Jo understood this - he had chronic backache that kept repeating. But he knew it wasn’t really his back that was the problem. He knew it was really the high emotional stress he was experiencing at home, together with his 16 hr days at work that was really where the cause of discomfort was.

Q: How did he experience his back pain?

It was tight and overstretched.

Q: How did he experience his life generally?

It was tight and overstretched.

When you first understand the REAL cause of problems and then face those things…the physical reflection will be the very same and symptoms will not develop.

How do you do that?

First write down and describe exactly how you experience your physical symptoms.

Is it sharp, tight, overwhelming, makes you wince, etc?

How does it make you feel?

Take those answers and ask yourself “Where else in your life do you experience those exact same descriptions”?

And that will be the REAL area that needs addressing.

And with the PainFree Method, it is super easy to address.

You don’t need to analyse yourself or open up old wounds - you’ve already been there and it isn’t necessary.

What you do need to do is to acknowledge and face what you are feeling. This will give space for the healing to take place, and the symptoms to disappear.

Your body doesn’t need you to HEAL it. Your body already knows how - when you cut yourself, it heals given the right environment, right?

What it needs to heal is the space and chance and you do that by meeting your discomfort where it is.

You can see the full video of how to do that here: https://painfreedom.co.uk/new-blog/step-one-how-to-do-it

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