What’s blocking your healing?

Did you you hit a brick wall?

When it’s all too much and you just can’t connect (STEP 1 of the Painfree Method)

That’s a kind of block and there are reasons for that. The pain is not the problem but an end product of what created it.

With the PFM the first step (connect with the pain) is the healing part but all the other elements support your healing.

If the pain is too much and it’s just too hard to stand it, start with something easy like saying to yourself- “hey [your name] I love you, I really love you” for a whole day!

Like attracts like and with this connection to self-love, it’ll get your flow going in the right direction.

More examples you’ll find in the #LoveYourselfToday posts in the free Facebook group. 

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What small loving act did you choose to do?