Unlocking the root cause of physical issues so you can stop them from ever manifesting

This is for you if you're stuck with pain and it's just not budging.

You may have been doing everything to get rid of the symptoms but nothing's really changing for you.


The first thing to know is that pain is NOT the real problem, instead, it's an alarm signal from your body to show you where to look in order to heal.


Strangely pain usually happens in the strongest part of you.

Your body is so clever - it's the last possible resort of your body to show you where to heal.

Your body is YOU - the physical version or expression of you - your thoughts, feelings, experiences.  It may be physical overexertion or a physical accident but why were you doing that in the first place?

Pain forces you to stop - relationships suffer, it stops you doing the things you want, it wakes you up at night...you have no choice but to pay attention to how you're feeling.

The body doesn't lie and it's literal - it expresses EXACTLY what's going on for you.


The first thing to do to figure out what's going on for you is notice where that pain is -


What does that part of the body do?

Problems in the head relate to things the head does eg trouble with your thoughts? memory? figuring out? assessing?

Shoulders relate to taking things onboard, feeling responsible.

The chest - relating to others, fear, heartache

The gut - moves, changes, let's go, gets rid of, transforms...how do these descriptions relate to you?

Legs - get you places, support you, move around..do you have issues related to these descriptions?

Feet - get you places, are flexible.

Heels - balance, dig your heels in, stubborn, put on the brakes, support.

Arms - give and receive

Hands - shape and form, get what we need, help you, articulate.



What does that part of the body do where you're suffering, describe what that body part does and how do those descriptions relate to you?

How does the pain affect you?

How does it make you feel or think of?


Do you have resistance to this exercise?

- Ask yourself what are you resisting.

-Breathe into the resistance.

-Place your hand on your problem area, breathe deep and slow and relax into the pain.

When you do this you are connecting your mind, body and emotions - centring - and that's where the healing is and the pain releases.



As a daily practice to release pain, connect to your centre or more often if you're struggling a lot.

We are ever changing, ever evolving expressions of energy, of thought, of emotion, physically too.

Every cell in your eye is renewed in 2 days.  Your liver completely renews in 3 weeks.

Your body is not solid it is ever changing.

To connect t your peaceful centre regularly allows pain to release.



You may not consciously know what's going on for you or why you can't let go of symptoms but on some level, you do know so ask yourself...

Why am I suffering?

Where is this coming from?

How can I let this go?

How can I heal?


Address what comes up for you so you can heal the original cause.  And when you do that the body doesn't create an issue.  

Once you've addressed the issue, the next step is to create a peaceful space so that whatever life throws at you, you will always know there is peace no matter what.

Love yourself.

Care for yourself.

Let yourself be in a loving place even if you don't feel like it!


Be ok with your pain, connect into the sensations, let it lead you to the root cause so you can heal for good.



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