The #1 Reason that stops healing in its tracks

What's the ONE thing that's going to stand in the way of your healing?

In this video, I share with you the MAIN reason that stops healing from working PLUS an extra piece of healing that can support and heal you no matter what you're going through.

And that is that getting into nature or being active in nature can really help healing.

Nature is always in perfect balance, no matter what we throw at it.  When we spend time in nature, we naturally will respond to it.  We are nature too and will naturally balance in that environment.



You're clever I know, you think, remember, rationalize, project, make lists!!

Your emotions feel, respond, react.

But your body does body things!  It is hardwired to heal and balance.  It knows how to be a body!

When you cut yourself, it heals.  You don't have to think it through, analyse it or ask it to heal.  It just does.


Often we make the symptom the problem but really your body is just reflecting the whole of you in physical form.  It represents the whole of you.

By the time we have symptoms, we often go to the doctor, take a pill, try to get rid of it like the symptom is the problem.....Meanwhile, your body's still trying very hard to get your attention.  That's all it wants - YOUR ATTENTION.  When you do that, essentially you are bringing together all of you allowing flow AND HEALING can take place.


If you want to heal you need to mentally engage into the problem.


Here's the method of how to do that.  

Your mind cannot thinks!  Your feelings feel and your body heals.  If healing is not working you're not in the right place so have a look at the PFM and I walk you through the steps or book in a free call with me to pinpoint what's really creating your pain and what to do to get rid of it.