STEP ONE of the PFM - how to get pain free

This is STEP ONE of the PainFree Method - Immediate pain relief.

How to prepare for healing - doing things your love:

Why am I in a graveyard????!  Because I’m doing something I love - plant identification meet up (graveyards are some of the best places for plants because they’re left to grow undisturbed).  Doing things you love creates love in and around you and healing happens in a place of love.

When your body's not working properly it affects you in many ways - can't sleep, can't move properly, affects your mood, your thoughts. BLOODY IRRITATING!!



I cannot make you heal but I can show you how to do it.


>Get into a relaxed open position.

>Mentally connect with your pain or troublesome area. Feel into it.


>Relax your body as is possible.

>Breathe deeply and slowly. 

If things don't shift or improve straight away there may be resistance.  Use the steps above and breathe into your resistance.

Keep coming back to the above steps.


NB Watch out for the monkey mind -

“It’s not working”

“This is stupid”

“I don’t know if I’m even doing it right” etc, etc, etc.

The mind doesn't do the healing. It will completely stop healing from happening. If your mind keeps butting in, go back to the steps.

STEP ONE IS THE CRITICAL STEP and the main one that gets the heaing activated.  But Step two and three support and enhance your healing, making sure painful conditions never return.


How did you get on?

Let me know your questions, I’m here to help - comment below or send me an email.

Join the Healing Support Group to get regular help and support for your healing.



Is the PFM pain management?

Absolutely not! - It’s pain,clearing, pain getting rid of, pain taking back control of your body, never see the symptoms again.

Is it mind over matter?

No, it’s about focusing your mind in the right place for healing to happen. Connecting everything together, mind to body so that everything goes back into flow and healing happens.

What do you get using the PFM?

You’ll learn how to clear pain when it happens and know how to stop it from ever returning.

Can it clear MY conditions?

I've helped people clear many conditions from headaches to cancer.

Even if you've had it forever, this can work for you.  The question is "Are you ready?"

What are the effects?

I've seen blood balance, joints slip back into place, conditons disappear, pain go.

Pain also creates terrible side effects like tension in the body, stiffness, mood swings, lack of sleep and energy.  When the symptoms go, the side effects go too.

How do I start?

You can do it yourself or get my help for free.

You DON’T have to live with chronic conditions.  It IS curable no matter what anyone tells you.  Follow your instincts and reach for what you want xx.