Interview by Louisa - The Pain-Free Method and how it can work for you.

You've been trying everything but it just isn't working for you.

You want to fix your thing and get on with your life.

You know it's possible somehow but now you just want the results....this video is for you:

This is what The Pain-Free Method is all about.

In this video, I explain what's involved and what needs to happen in order for the process to work.

There 3 main parts in play when you heal, they are: Your thoughts, your feelings and your body.  

When you hurt, it stops you doing things you really want, it interrupts your thoughts, it forces you to focus on the problem area.  Your body is essentially showing you where to focus in order to heal and it won't let you off.


When you heal you naturally start doing those things you really want again, you are in flow, your body's working perfectly, your energy rises and you move on with your life.

To align and get the healing to work and fix your thing, you have to connect your mind to your hurt place and everything else will fall in line.

How do you do that?

Feel into your symptoms.  What do you sense?  How do you react when you do this?  

When you connect to your symptoms you'll start to notice things (sometimes they'll be resistance too).  Essentially, that's all you have to do to heal.  Your body knows how to do the healing bit.  All you have to do is bring your mental attention to the symptoms.

Here are the full 3 STEPS to heal

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