How to clear back pain

How to clear back pain using the natural healing system of your own body.

Where's the pain really coming from?

Do you know your body (and pain) is connected to everything else that you are - your thoughts, feelings, memories..everything?

It saddens me to see people rush to the doctor, pop a pill or go for operations to heal their thing when the true power of change lies WITHIN you.

You and only you have the power to heal.

>>>You are the only one in there, in your body, feeling what you do, thinking what you do, experiencing life only as you do.


When we reach out for fixing our thing, we are essentially giving away our own power.

Your body reflects our thoughts and feelings.

When we're stressed, for example, hair can go grey, muscles might tense or joints start to be in pain.  Adrenalin is triggered, the heart beats faster, we might bite nails or are ub=nable to eat.

Fear can trigger worries and anxiety.  Your body will naturally respond to exactly what you're thinking and feeling.

Your body reflects everything else that's going on for you.


To understand and start clearing discomfort in your body or any other kind of pain start with looking at what that body part does for you.

BACK PAIN - What does that body part do?

Upper back and shoulders are the areas of responsibility, support, taking on board.

Mid back - cleans, clears, the liver in this area, repairs, creates

Lower back - is a major supporter most things, family, sexuality, your roots, what life means for you, getting rid of something, finalizing, clearing the clutter.


How does this resonate with you?

How does it relate to other parts of your life? 

Do you emotionally react to the messages of your body?

Do you block?


Your body is not your enemy, it shows you the point where you need to balance or release something.  It is an information provider to the finest detail.

Your symptoms will show you what you need and where to look and the greater the pain, the higher the need to balance A NATURAL TILT ALARM!


Some people say "I got  this because I stand all day, it's not emotional or psychological" 

But why are you standing all day?

Why did you take that job that causes you back pain?

What makes you stay in that job?

How do you feel about being there?


If you ignore your body messages it will shift somewhere else or get worse.

A lot of people at this stage of having uncomfortable symptoms go to the doctor.  But even if you have more than a few minutes, how do they know the fullness of your mind, your feelings?  How can they possibly know every minute you've lived?

They can't, they're not even trained to.


Physical conditions can stay in the body for many years.


I lady I treated was around 40 but she looked like a little girl, almost anorexic.  It transpired that at 12 yrs old her mother died.  She was not allowed to go to the funeral.  She was not allowed to see her mother's body or say goodbye.

She was emotionally stuck and her body expressed that.


Just because we move on, grow up..doesn't mean thoughts and feelings disappear.  They don't.  Scientifically, matter never leaves, it just changes.  You can move on but until you resolve and be at peace with what is not ok with you, it will hang around until you're ready.

By the time you have developed symptoms, it means that things are rising and you're ready to heal.  You won't be able to ignore it.  It will stop you moving or irritate you or stop you doing what you like.

Balance is inevitable! And the peaceful part of you will always call you.


In the PFM to heal: 

Ask - what does that body part do?

This will give you the clues to what are the real causes of your pain.


Your physical body IS YOU.

You have to do this for yourself, I can't do it for you, I can't fix you.  No one can, ONLY you.

If you'd like some help to get this to work for you, comment below or drop me a line here and I can guide you.

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