How to clear Anxiety

Anxiety is pretty dreadful, isn’t it?

Sweaty palms, rapid thought, panic attacks, needing to run.

Technically anxiety is a shut off from everything outside of you.

A detachment.

The body will naturally respond with a racing heartbeat, muscles tighten, sweaty palms, temperatures rise…obediantly follow your thoughts.

It says: ” Something is seriously wrong, danger, danger, LET’S GET OUT OF HERE…NOW”.

When we feel anxious, energetically we are disconnected. Everything is triggering and we respond the same. The way to reverse that is to reconnect. And it works a treat.


And this works for paranoia, agoraphobia and any antisocial feelings or sensations too.


Send out beautiful blue light from you to everyone.


In this action you are reversing your present experience, reconnecting and coming back to the whole.

It gives you back calm. Makes you feel supported and that everything’s ok.

Anxiety is gone.

Rachal had panic attacks and anxiety.

One day she was at the top of a 20-floor building, doing gym.

When she finished and went to the lift, unfortunately, she had a panic attack. She couldn’t use the lift…SHE HAD TO GO…NOW.

She ran down 20 flights of stairs only to find the fire exit (crazily) had been bolted and locked. Her only choice was to climb again those 20 flights and take the lift. By that time her panic attack and fear ‘feeling she was going to die’ had subsided but the event had been traumatic, to say the least.

After addressing the immediate issue and healing at the source and triggers for the anxiety, the attacks never came back.

Tell me how you get on with this, I’d love to know.

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