How sound clears your pain

Sound is vibrational and so are you!
When you're in pain, it resonates at a particular frequency and we can use sound to change that frequency to let go of the pain.

There are many ways to use sound but one of the quickest and easiest is to hum!!!
Start humming! Hum notes up and down and notice where you feel the sound in your body.
If you don't sense where, don't worry, just hum high and low will affect your body.
Notice which notes you hum connect with your pain.
..and hang around the problem area, humming as you go!
When you do this, the sound connects to the pain and visa-versa.  Healing and release take place.

You might like to try other forms of sound healing.  How about a GONG bath?!
Look it up on the web to find your nearest event.
They use symbols, singing bowls and gongs to balance and purify your energy so your pain can release.  It's an amazing experience and can take you into many lifetimes too.  

Put on your favourite song or sing it to yourself.
Notice which songs/words you chose - they will be exactly the right ones to nurture you and balance.

Use classical music to soothe and shift you to the vibe you want.
Something wild and emotional like Mozart?
or serene and sending like Debussy?  Pick something appropriate for your needs and see the change in you.

Go to a sound healer.  They use tuning forks, Tibetan Chime Cymbals and singing bowls.
They are used to heal, balance and soothe you.  To balance your vibration so you can heal.

Go to a music shop or a stall at a festival/fair - some of these stalls have so many different kinds of instruments from all over the world. Play them all!!! and see which ones you like.  Those will be the right ones for you.
You can even ask your pain which ones will heal you.

When you're stressed and in pain, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.  They might be terrible sounds, you might notice sounds you didn't hear before.  You might notice lovely sounds....Notice them all! and then, breathing deeply and slowly, bring them all into your pain and out again.
By this, you are connecting and establishing yourself in this moment, in this space right now and asking yourself to balance and heal.

Give one or all of them a go and if you have any questions, please ask!