Fed up of being treated as a symptom instead of a whole person?

Treated as if one size fits all.  Squeezed into the protocol of your condition.                          Everyone with the same symptom needs the same treatment, right?

Most people tend to go to the doctors, get diagnosed and prescribed medication.  They may send you to other specialists or physios.  But that's about it.

If 100 people have the same symptoms, there are 100 different reasons why they got it. 

You are not just 'a body'.  You are unique.

You are thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences  You are multi-layered.  There's no one else on this planet or beyond who's exactly like you.  So why should you be treated like everyone else?

To heal and release the symptoms you have to address the whole person - why they got it, what their experiences are, how they feel, how things affect them...everything.  Once you know the whole picture of a person then it becomes clear why things have developed and you can treat the original cause.

...And that's where healing begins..



>>Connect to the symptoms and discomfort.

>>Breathe deeply as you do that.

>>Write down the descriptions of your symptoms - Where else in your life do you experience the exact same things?

>>Watch out for the mind stepping in, asking questions. Thinking stops healing.  Healing happens through connecting to what you're experiencing and your body does the rest.


Pain can get locked in the body and by reconnecting, you're allowing the space for it to release.

I was treating a lady suffering from shock.  She had become an alcoholic at 56 and had trouble with relationships.

When she was 3 years old she'd had an electric shock but her mother didn't come to help.  At 56 this experience was locked in her body.  

Things can get tucked away because of uncomfortable feelings and experiences and they become hard to let go for the fear of revealing our true selves.  But you are the only one in there, in your body, your mind, in your thoughts.  Healing is about peace in the relationship with you.  Peace with yourself.

Be brave, dive in, TRUST yourself.  It feels great on the other side.

Imagine finally being free of your symptoms.

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