Do you trust your doctor more than yourself?

Have you been to the doctor's, been referred to physios, groups, and specialists for months or even years now?

All they offer you is medication but it's not something you want and it doesn't really work.  The symptoms have got worse.

You're not alone.  This happens to many people.

Doctors don't cure.

They give medication for symptoms.  If you don't like it, they bullying, convince, tell you that you're psychologically sound.  They tell you this is the way for you. 



It's not your fault.  You've been trained from birth that doctors know best.  They know how to fix your body.  Don't they?  they've been trained for years, they're clever and know more about your body than you do.  Right?

Did you know that bankers originally funded medical education?  Big pharma pushes drugs through this system and the doctors give it to you.  They are not allowed to encourage you to take the natural route.  The medical profession is a business and you are the customer.

But don't believe me - look into it yourself.  Look at the medical profession.  Who pays who?  Find out how much they get if they meet the targets of giving out drugs. 

What results have you got from them?


A lot of my clients have also tried natural methods - and have got really good results.  But they tend not to fully focus on what feels right, they still listen to the doctors.

Why should a complete stranger that knows nothing about you, be able to cure you?  You are the one that lives with you, every second of every day.  You are the one that knows the most about you. 

I've seen people get cures from healers and after they talk to mainstream professionals, they get unconvinced of their results and stop trusting themselves. 


Listen to your instincts, your feelings.  Ask your body "what do I need to heal?" What are your instincts drawing you to?  What feels right for you to improve your health?

Healing happens in two places: 

1  When we are IN the moment, not in thinking about the past or the future and

2 Through the breath.  Deep slow breathing.


Watch out for the thinking mind taking over.  The mind will stop all healing.

Your emotions might get triggered when you try to heal.  

Your physical body might distract you - increasing in pain, making you itch, making you want to move.

Other distractions can rise up and stop you from healing too - the phone ringing, someone knocks on the door, you remember you wanted to do something..

There might be a part of you that blocks you from healing.  It's our protector checking in with you.


If you find yourself still taking direction from the doctor, ask yourself - Have they given you results?  Are you cured?

If not, start listening to your instincts.  They are the most innate part of you.  You are nature and nature ALWAYS wants balance and healing, no matter what you do.


Here's an exercise to keep you in the healing space- keep you in the moment.

1- Ask yourself "what am I thinking?"  Don't try to analyze, don't try to do anything, just clock the thoughts in your head.  Notice what you're thinking about.

2- Ask yourself "what am feeling?"  Notice between 1 & 10 your level of emotions from stressed to calm.  Feel where those emotions are in your body and what they feel like.  Like an observer.

3- Ask yourself "what am I sensing in my body?"  Notice what you're feeling on your skin or the feeling of your clothes.  Notice your posture, any tension, the feeling in your gut.  Notice your hair.

You don't have to do anything with this.  All you have to do is acknowledge where you are and what is happening right now-  being in the moment.  Nature takes over from there.  


Remember who you are - connecting to everything there is- past, present and future.  Your instincts are connected to all of that.  How powerful is that?! 

Our western mind wants to figure it all out, understand things, find the answers..but you don't need to do all that to heal, it's not how to heal.

To heal:

Be in the present moment and breathe deep and slow


If you are down the doctor route I ask you to question it-

Have you got the cures you want?

Start listening to yourself, your inner guide - it will always lead you to wholeness and healing.  Put the importance on you.  Trust yourself.

Ask your symptom "What can I do to heal right now?"  Direct questions get direct.answers.


How did you get on with this?

What action where you drawn to do to help your healing?

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