Control of pain is so difficult.

No wonder you're tired- With all the constant flare-ups, you've been woken up all night. You can't think straight. Can't concentrate. Can't even do the basic activities, relying on others to help. An all-around horrendous experience.


In this video I talk about:

>>Why this happens, what's the bigger picture.

>>How you can get a handle on this so you can finally start taking back control instead of the pain controlling you and

>>How to get the healing started and doing the things you really want to be doing.


In this western culture, we are brought up to go to the doctors' when something goes wrong with our bodies.  They know best - they've studied for years.  They know the latest, cutting-edge information about how our bodies work and how to fix them.

The standard procedure is figuring out the symptoms, diagnose and medicate.  Maybe an operation is b=necessary or refer to a specialist, maybe physio or the like.

...That would be fine if it worked.  We'd all be living healthy lives in fully functioning bodies.  But that's not what happens.


In the PainFree Method, I teach you to listen to your body.  Listen and understand what your body is trying to tell you.

Imagine your body like an electrical circuit.  When pain arises, it's like a break in that circuitry.  You need to address it so the flow of energy is returned and everything works again.

It's exactly the same with your body - in the western world, we treat the symptom like it's the problem.  Cut it out, blitz it, make it go away.  But if we do that, we are missing the lesson, the message, the signals of what's going on in our system and learning what we need to do to stop the symptoms from ever developing.


Ignoring the body's messages means it will get worse or move somewhere else.



If a seesaw gets wobbly and starts tipping off the kids, we can see it's not working properly.  Looking closer we can see there's a loose bolt.  And we fix it  But 5 days later the same problem returns.  Now we look deeper and notice the seesaw is not secure in the ground which is making the bolt loose.  Now we are getting to the real cause and the real area to address if we want it to work properly.



Can you see how addressing the root cause is vital if you want to stop the symptoms?  It's no good fixing a bad back if the reason it started is not addressed?


So how do you regain control instead of the pain controlling you?

..and how to clear it for good:

You don't have to control the pain instead face the dragon and feel into the painful sensations for the pain to release.

Your body doesn't need you to heal anything, it already does that.  When you cut yourself it fixes, right?  Your body knows how to heal.  Every single cell in your body is hard-wired to survive, to create balance given the chance.  What it needs from you is your undivided attention - through meditation, through 'meeting the dragon' when it arises.


When I was pushing out babies, I had my first contraction.  It was so consuming, it took my breath away, paralyzed me.  I was taken over.  On the next contraction, I breathed into it, rode the pain like a wave.  It was almost ecstatic, a completely different experience.

When you experience your pain rising, don't fight it, drown it in drugs or push on through regardless.  Give it attention.  Meet it where and when it is.  Breathe deep and slow.  Be patient.  It will go.


Lee Bradford tried this Method and said..

"I am doing so well ... my dragon has breathed a few times but I’ve stopped, I’ve given it time, I’ve acknowledged & welcomed it in saying I know you are here to be healed. Before I braced & battled the pain. So far it has not gone into full blown attack of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I cannot express my relief.


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