Plodding on and pushing through the pain?

What’s going on here?

Why do we do this?

By the time you’re here, you’ve probably been suffering a long time.


Tried it all, tried EVERYTHING! but you haven’t got the results you want.

It’s hard to believe ANYTHING is going to work.

No wonder you push on through and just plod on with things.

But what’s the reality of doing this action?

…It’s a kind of avoidance. Trying to be where you really want to be. Trying to be living the life you really want to be living if it wasn’t for your conditions.

A fake it till you make it!

Plodding on gives a sense of control.

We push forward despite suffering. WE WILL HAVE WHAT WE WANT (and damn this condition)…

Trying to live a normal life and do the things we really want.

…Doing things we feel could improve things - yoga, eating well, meditating, etc.

But the results of pushing on regardless actually mean we get less control not more. The pain and symptoms will increase because they’re not being addressed..

Pushing on creates anxiety because we’re not actually IN control but instead desparately trying to GET control so stress, dissallusionment and hopelesness result.

We feel besides ourselves because we don’t understand what the hell is going on…how the hell are you going to get rid of these symptoms and just feel normal again.

The real result of pushing on through is that we’re actually back at square one, nothing’s changed.

So how DO you get the results you want and clear the symptoms, get back to normal health.

..The first thing to do is to suspend disbelief!!

By the time you’re reading this, you’ve proably suffered a ling time and are feeling pretty dissallusioned that ANYTHING can work for you.

So I ask you to suspend disbelief and instead tap into that part of you that has hope, that knows it’s possible for you to somehow heal.

You know you can get rid of this somehow - stay connected with that feeling - your instincts.

Everything is changelable instantaneously. If I ask you to think of pink elephants, what do you think of?!

Or giant mushrooms in your room…they’re there, aren’t they?!!

We have the ability to instantly change, given the right triggers.


What does that mean?

Have you ever seen iron filings responding to a magnet?

They move as the magnet passes over.

>>It’s exactly the same when you activate your healing.



Your body doesn’t need you to do the healing already does that- when you cut yourself, you don’t need to tell your skin to heal or your blood to form a scab.

What it needs is your attention.

****hen you feel dicomfort in any way - bring your attention to it.

This allows space for it to get on and do the healing thing!


You don’t need to try to heal or figure out what caused your thing or understand it fully or unearth that past trauma.

You’ve already been there and it’s completely unnessecary to trigger that again in order to heal.

Healing is allowing.

Healing is letting.

And the best time to heal is when the problems rise up.

It’s a bit ike your body saying “hey, look at this please. I need your attention here.”

It needs you to ‘open the door’ for it to do the healing thing. And that happens by you paying attention to what rises up in you.

*When the pain rises - pay attention, no matter what you;re in the middle of.

*Try to relax,

*Breathe deeply.

This is STEP ONE of the PainFree Method.

The pain will go immediately or make take some time but it will go.

If it doesn’t, something is holding in your system and needs more time to release.

If you’d like my help to do that, I offer a free call where we’ll look at what’s going on for you, figure our what’s creating your symptoms and what to do to finaly get rid of them.

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