How to get rid of pain

This is how to get rid of pain. Your body already knows how - Learn how to tap into your own natural healing system.

The first thing to understand is how did the pain get there in the first place?

What's it doing there?

This could be an obvious question - I stand on my feet all day, it's hereditary, there's no cure, I don't know why I got this, etc..

Think of your whole self, body and soul as flowing energy -  thought, feelings, memories, experiences and physical body.  The flow of energy is the interaction of all these things.

Pain is your body's last-ditch attempt to get you to focus on that thing you need to heal.

Pain is not the problem but the door to the solution.  By the time your body develops pain it is basically showing you what is out of balance so you can let it go again and feel at peace, pain-free.



If we make pain the problem, we start trying to fix that thing - running to the doctor, take medication, have an operation but you're not just body.  If you try to fix one piece of you, it will affect the whole of you.  If you fix the whole of you, it will affect every piece of you! Your pain isn't the problem but a message to show you the imbalance point and where to start your healing.

When you start healing as a whole it will make you feel at peace, at ease, life flows, opportunity comes, realisations, calm.


To fix the whole - feel into the pain you're feeling physically, emotionally or mentally.

- Watch out for your thinking mind.

The moment you start questioning, analysing it will stop the healing immediately.  Instead feel into the 'not ok'!

Pain is a distancing, a blocking, a resistance somewhere.  Your problem represents the issue.  When you mentally connect to the problem you effectively draw things together which allows natural flow.


Your body and soul has a built-in system, hard-wired to balance and flow.  At some point, when you're ready, balance is sought.  You cannot avoid healing.  Eventually, you have to face your thing.  It's nature.

To get yourself in the right spot to heal, ask yourself "what am I feeling?"  This will disengage the thinking mind, which stops healing and will keep you connected to the place which allows healing.  Where is that? - it's the place that doesn't feel ok.

You don't have to know how you got your discomfort or why it's there or all the details.  The PFM is so much simpler - just connect to your discomfort, relax your shoulders and breathe deeply.  Your body will do the rest.

Your body already knows how to heal.  Your job to allow that to happen is to bring your attention to the pain.

To take yourself through the PFM, here the full 3 steps.


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