How to connect to the pain so it shifts.

There are lots of lovely healing techniques out there but are they working for you?

How do you make them specific to you?  Everyone is different, unique.
In this video, I show you how you can make it work for you.

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People try all sorts of things to heal but if it doesn't work they often end up feeling despondent,  'tucking' things away only for it to resurface later on or get worse.

They reach for something else, the doctor or medication but are still no clearer to solving their symptoms.

What you need to understand about healing

Your body will tell you exactly what you need to do to heal.  It's not your enemy but instead the messenger and shows you where to start healing.  Trying to figure out how to heal is not the answer and can stop you from healing for years.

Your body naturally heals totally without your conscious thought - your skin heals, your hair grows, your heart beats all without your obvious intervention, doesn't it?

Think of yourself as an energetic collection of your thoughts, feelings and physical body.

Everything interrelates but your mind thinks, your feelings feel and your body does physical things.  This is all driven by your inner guidance, your will, your wishes and hopes, your inner spirit...and where THAT is, EVERYTHING else follows.

Here's how to get your body to follow what you really want:

  1. Set your intention
    Know what you want ultimately.  If you have any wobbles, this deeper intention will keep you straight.
  2. Connect to the pain
    This might feel counter-intuitive but remember, your mind thinks and your body does physical things and feelings feel.  When you connect your mind to your body, it kind of connects the circuitry, it brings things all together and when that happens, your boy can get on and heal.
  3. Allow reactions to surface
    The reason the pain is there in the first place will be connected to thoughts and feelings.  This is your chance to finally let them go so your body can heal.


How do you know if you're doing the right thing?

It feels like the hot spot area when you're focussing on the right bit, it's painful, it's blocked, that part stops you doing other things.

Your body is not broken in any sense, no matter how bad it seems.  There has been a disconnect somewhere and your body is the part of YOU telling YOU where to look in order to fix things.  So connect and listen!

This is all about trust

  1. Trust what you want for yourself
    By the time something has developed in the body, things have gone pretty deep for you.  Usually, the mind starts taking over and wants to 'understand', 'making sense', 'look for answers' and starts to dominate...but the mind doesn't heal, your body knows how to do that.  By trusting yourself, you are trusting your inner guide that gives space for your body to heal.
  2. Trust your instincts and where they lead you.
    We often bypass this part but ignoring your own inner drive will lead you to trust someone else other than you which is often a doctor.  YOU live in your body every minute of every day and you are the only one in existence who has the exact answers for what you need.  Look within instead of out there somewhere.  Of course, we can bring in help for ourselves but in the end, you set the rules.

Trust yourself - connect with your feelings, your thoughts, your senses.  Let your pain guide you to healing.

The mistake you’ll probably make

In these times of goal orientation and get the list done!, one of the mistakes I see is sticking to outcomes.

If you've been suffering forever and just want everything sorted NOW! You are effectively holding yourself to ransom and to fail.  It's natural to know what you want and have expectations for that to happen but it's a bit like wanting that tin of tomato soup at the shops and not finding it there - may be the products were moved around, maybe they ran out.  If you hold to your wishes absolutely, there are so many variables to mess things up and leave you disappointed.

Instead, set your intention about what you want, see it, feel it, know...then let it go and stay present to what you are sensing right now.  Healing happens in the present.

What if it still doesn't work?

Sometimes we resist, maybe it's scary.  When you start wanting to release pain, all sorts of thoughts, memories and feelings can be wrapped up in the pain which is essentially a holding of something and when they start leaking out it can make us put on the brakes.   

Your resistance might rise up and that's natural.  It's protection. 

Be patient with yourself, take your time, connect to any resistance and it eases get back to the hotspot.

“If you did know healing for works for you, what would you want to be feeling like?

Because if you’re like most of my clients you probably instinctively have doubts and resistance, at me, at this method, at any method, at yourself.  You might have a story like “Nothing's worked so far, maybe I've just got to pain manage” Or “I've had this thing forever, how is this ever going to help me?”

Wherever you are, in yourself, right now is exactly the right place you need to be to start healing.

A client of mine recently, discovered that when she connected to her hip pain, she noticed how her posture was 'off' and naturally adjusted herself and improved.  When you connect to the pain and want release, you'll find the answers you need to heal, natural balance resumes.

Healing is your natural right and when you connect to your pain and listen to your needs, flow and healing naturally occur.

Over to you…

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