The Psychological Meaning Of Pain? ..And How That Knowledge Can Help You Clear It

What does your pain mean???
What is your body trying to tell you???????????

There are psychological links to the pains you're feeling and to know them can get you started releasing the symptoms immediately.

If it's in the head..headaches, neck pain, problems with vision..anything heart and higher, we can see these same conditions linked with upper area thought.

That is, what are you thinking?  Where is your focus?  Are you confused with something?  Are you unsure where you're going? IT'S ALL IN THE THOUGHT AND IDEAS YOU FORM.

If it's in the mid-body...heart conditions, mid back problems, stomach issues, chest...THIS IS THE EMOTIONAL PLAIN - are you heart broken?  Are you emotionally fulfilled?  Are you concerned with caring for others or others caring for you?


If it's in the lower regions..gut issues, hip problems, private areas affected, legs or feet
What's happening to the ground you're on?  Do you feel safe?  Do you feel insecure in your home life?  Are you afraid of your future path?

It is really helpful to understand the deeper meaning of your physical conditions to see why you're suffering so you can understand what your body is doing and do something about the real cause.

What are you suffering? And what is the deeper meaning???
Let me help you unlock the keys and get you started to being pain-free.

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