Why You're STILL Suffering And How To Clear The Symptoms For Good

Why ARE you suffering??
You've tried everything..
..done the mantras
.....meditated 'till you're practically ether!
....eat all the right things.
...think all the right thoughts...

...but you're symptoms still linger and you're fed up!!!

The first thing is that your body is not your enemy.
When things go wrong in the body, it's only a sign of imbalance.

Luckily, your body is really clever, it shows you exactly where to look to regain balance and to be in perfect health.  
The intensity of the issue, shows you how urgent or how alarmingly away from your perfect health centre you are.
And even more luckily, you don't have to do any of the fixing!!  All you need to do is bring your attention to the issue(painful symptom) and breathe deeply, relax.

Your body already knows how to heal.  It does that every minute of every day.
And if you find that's not working, relax some more.  
Do what you need to do to chill, have fun, meet your needs.
And if that doesn't work, a deeper focus is needed.

There are reasons your pain is in place and won't budge....what are they?
Breathe into your pain and ask!!!
Your psyche knows.
Your body knows.
Your inner wisdom knows.
....Close your eyes, breathe.. and feel what you feel.  

Sometimes we don't listen or we don't want to listen but the answers are there.
Breathe into your situation and send love.

What others have said using these techniques - 
"..by the way, your tip you gave me DID help! I can't believe it! The ache in my lower back that has been there for months and months just wasn't thereSuch a weird sensation" - Vee Smith