What Is Pain..And How To Get Rid Of It

I wanted to talk with you about what's the pain doing in your body and what you can do to get rid of it, so you're feeling fab and firing on all cylinders!

Energetically speaking, pain is an indicator of imbalance.
It's the tip of the iceberg of what's going on/wrong in your life.
It's your body saying "hey, look at this"!!

It's your point of reference of where to focus so you can heal.

....Isn't that great?...Not that you're suffering but that your body shows you exactly where to focus and what to do about it to heal.

You are not meant to suffer.  You are supposed to be in perfect harmony, full of love and full expression.
When you are in pain or discomfort, it's your body showing you where to start to get back to that lovely peaceful, balanced place.

So now you know that,.. what are you going to do to feel fab and clear the pain for good?

Focus on what's causing you problems and breathe deeply into them until you feel calmer.  Then continue to connect with your breathing until you relax.
AND THAT'S THE FIRST (and most important) STEP to healing and letting go of the pain.

This is what happened to others...

==>Jo gave it a go and it made her "ankle pain disappear" after a year of it troubling her.

==>Vee didn't believe it could work for her but her back pain after months and months of suffering, "just wasn't there".

==>Anne "cleared her headache", she'd had for days and felt rejuvenated.