Emotions are a red flag to your healing.

They con you to look at them instead of your centre, which is where the healing is.
They divert your attention and want to make themselves centre instead.
Emotions are like a tantrum child.
.........Don't be fooled!!!

The importance of emotion is to react to the situation.
They set off adrenaline to make you react.
They make you react.

.............................So why am I telling you all this??????????!
Emotions in themselves are so important but to healing, they get in the way and divert your attention. like the monkey mind to meditation.

If you are in pain, stress or tension...
to heal you must connect with your healing centre, your peaceful space, your heartbeat, the rhythm of your breath.
Very often our physical symptoms are deeply connected with our issues/emotions and thoughts.  Once we start exploring those symptoms, emotions can easily be triggered.. and stop the healing.

Recognise when you're being triggered by your emotions and focus instead on what you want to change.. connect with your breathing and send that breath to your pain/issue/tricky circumstance.

Here's what others said who tried the same things...

Jo  Lepore - I used your advice and really focused on the pain...and it disappeared😮...Just wonderful...my whole foot used throb. But now I don't feel any pain

Geraldine Sykes - I have started breathing through the pain in my back,  It's 90% better. 

Vee Smith - The ache in my lower back that has been there for months and months just wasn't there