Why operations don't work


Operations are exacting, focused, precise processes to relief symptoms in a mechanical way.    Unfortunately, YOU ARE NOT A mechanical MACHINE!!!

If you were, this procedure would work beautifully and you'd never have another problem again.


In every cell in every part of your body, there is a mini world with intelligence, with instructions of how to behave and what to do and how to react by way of your hormones.

Not to mention the multi-faceted interrelation to everything else in your mind, body and spirit.




It means that you are mind, feelings AND body and everything works together as one.


If you try to fix one part of you, without considering the rest IT CANNOT WORK.

..It's like putting petrol in the car when there's no petrol tank.  It might be the best petrol and car in the world but it stil won't work.

..or punishing a dog for biting you without knowing that this dog is terrified of humans, instead of addressing the real cause of it's behaviour.


..What about the reasons this foot problem has formed a problem- physically, mentally or emotionally???


My post operative patients come to me with post operative reactions like shock.  When you have any operation, your whole body has to reconfigure/rearrange and adjust to the operative adjustment.

This is not addressed or considered valuable information or guided by the medical profession.  People can suffer for the rest of their lives if left unaddressed.

Shock is a very real symptom and cases all sorts of problems.

I was treating a lady of 53 years.  She'd stuck her fingers in a socket at 3 years and got a terrible shock.  Added to that, her mother didn't come to her aid.  At 53, she was an alcoholic and unable to hold down a healthy relationship.  She was still in shock.

When the real triggers are addressed, the after effects are released.


If you want to heal, you have to address the whole you!


Your physical body reflects everything else that you are.


If you are struggling with PHYSICAL PAIN, I can show you how to clear it, for FREE.  Book a time that suits you and let's get it cleared so it can be a thing of the past, for good.