Life is an Illusion

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It doesn't matter what you think.
It doesn't matter what you believe.

Life changes continuously.  Your thoughts change from moment to moment... Even now, your thoughts have changed since you opened this email.

You can change your life and you can change your thoughts and what's happening in your life, your body INSTANTANEOUSLY!!

Think of pink elephants...and you do!!

I've found when I'm healing, it doesn't matter what the person thinks or feels..healing happens anyway.
We kid ourselves that our reality is real..but it's not.  Otherwise, everyone would feel and think the exact same things.



All you need to heal... 

is to somewhere within you, allow it, be open to it, want to change, allow someone to help you do that
The only people I find healing doesn't work for (at least with my method) is those who actively hold a stand against change or anything happening they don't personally believe or understand.  They believe their story, get scared and listen to their fears instead of allowing peace and healing for themselves.

In order to change, you have to let go of something else.  And that can feel scary..until you feel how wonderful it is to heal.

Doctor's don't heal...

They prod you and test you and give you statistics.  And there's no guarantee they'll come up with ANY answers for you.  Sometimes they make it worse.

Doctors train to fix the symptoms, give drugs, cut it out.
They barely even touch on nutrition.
UNFORTUNATELY, our bodies don't heal like that and that's why doctors methods don't work.

Our bodies are a whole piece that includes our thoughts and memories and emotions too.


If you try to fix one part, it affects all the other parts.

In order to heal, you have to look at things as a whole.  Holistically.
And any method you use as long as it's holistic will have a full effect because it's connecting to ALL of you.
Of course, sometimes we can't change but that's another story.


Healing takes..loving yourself, feeding yourself the right things, caring about how you feel, knowing what you want, being true to yourself, respecting who you really are.

So if you want to heal, embrace all that you are and then REAL change will happen.

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