Blood and guts


I've always loved bodies, how they work, the different parts, the flow and relationship between the parts.

Once when I was at school, we were dissecting a frog (poor thing), my schoolmate fainted - out cold.  I couldn't get enough of the blood and the sinews and squidgy bits!

The comfort probably came from my parents - mum cooked just about anything including maggot ridden pheasant.  She showed me how to cook liver and pull everything out of a chicken.  She'd send us off to gut the fish we'd caught earlier.  I liked the job!  I found it fascinating!

Don't mean to make you squeamish but I think bodies are amazing.

When I later became a therapist, I first studied basic massage but it wasn't enough for me - I wanted to know the deeper meaning.  I spent the next 30 years exploring body psychology, Eastern medicine and many holistic methods including acupressure and shiatsu.  How the body's parts related to emotion and thought.

But it wasn't until I'd had a deep emotional knock that things really shifted for me and a whole new world of healing started.

..I had been dumped! and the carpet was pulled from my feet.  I had to rethink my world, It was like a full computer reboot.

At the same time, I was working in a clinic.

This lady was standing at the bookshelf with her back to me.
 As I daydreamed, she drew my attention and as I looked at her, I started to 'see' inside her.  I felt her feelings.  I was drawn to her gut and her pelvic area.  I thought "what a mess, I wonder if it shows on her face". 

At that moment she turned around and her face confirmed what was happening in her womb.
I felt compelled to heal her.

When I was cut off from my regular thinking with my emotional shock, it freed me up to be beyond myself.

I started 'seeing' through bodies, 'hearing and seeing' feelings and memories of people.  Even past lives.

All my extra senses seemed to have opened.


Healing is the connection of things.

We usually cut ourselves off from healing because of this worry or that issue.  But it doesn't truly exist.  It's only real in our dream state, in our illusions of who we think we are!


Healing happens all the time.  It's the way the world functions.  It's the natural state.

When I got out of my dream state, I saw reality.

And now when I heal I guide people out of their dream state/their illusions and to their natural balance point where everything functions perfectly.

All you need to do is trust and let it happen.

I've treated everything from cancer to headaches.
It doesn't matter what you've got.  Whatever it is, if it doesn't feel good, it's not your natural state.
Even if it was an accident.
Even if it's hereditary.
Even if there's no cure for what you've got.

You are out of alignment, that's all.