In this video I take you through the exact steps to heal..

Your body is physically expressing how you think and feel.

When you are in discomfort, basically there is a pull away from the different parts of you, a disconnection.  Your soul will not tolerate it for long and creates pain to bring you back.  When you listen and connect to what you're sensing.  The pain signals have done their job and pain releases.

Of course it's natural to pull away from pain and try to stop and lots of things can get in the way of healing so follow the next three steps to keep you focussed.



Connect to the pain.

- Relax your body, breathe deep and slow, sink into the sensations you feel, notice what comes up for you.

It maybe hard to stay connected with the pain afterall pain is not nice and our impulse is to pull away.  Stay focussed and it will shift.  If there's a lot of story behind the pain or it's been there a long time, keep doing this until you've had enough and come back later.


Support your immediate healing.

Do things that will immediately and directly help you.

Do you need to sleep?  Will essential oils soothe you?  Do you need to speak to someone, have a bath, eat, use plant medicine?  What's going to make you feel more comfortable right now?


Look at the bigger picture, healing the full story relieves your immediate pain.

What do you need?

Physical pain is just the tip of the iceberg and not the original cause.  Look at your life as a whole.  Draw a circle and fill it with what goes on in your life.  Are there any areas missing or need attention?  Are there areas of particular stress?

Just by exploring your whole life, you are creating relief by the attention to it.

You can also do this by meditating on problem areas or do a mandala or dream wheel to heal. 


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