Welcome to your 5-day healing challenge and the start of your pain free life..
...PLUS A GIFT FOR YOU ON FRIDAY. I can’t wait to show you how to be pain free!

DAY ONE is the instant healing bit and the one that gives you pain relief or the symptoms to go.

Join the private Facebook group to take part. Here’s the link: (Don’t worry if you don’t have FB - you’ll be sent the recording but it’s better if you can follow LIVE for best effects. Otherwise just email me your questions and queries.)

What happens next?

>You’ll be sent a link to your email each day.
Please respond and engage so I can help make sure you’re doing the right things to get the maximum results you want.
So don’t be shy but if you really don’t want to actively participate it’s ok x.

I’m very excited to be guiding you through the PainFree Method to get you pain free. It is my absolute passion and vocation to show you something that actually works.
It’s a really easy method, nothing weird! It’s going to feel logical and make sense.
Just follow me and you’ll get it.

How does it work?

I’m going to show you how to connect with your body that allows healing and balance to happen. You’re going to learn a skill for life.

The origins of the PainFree Method started over 25 yrs ago. It’s part of how I cured myself of 10yrs of horrific bulimia.
With 30 yrs of therapeutic and healing experience I helped hundreds of people heal.

Einstein said “matter and energy are equal”

I came to realise and witness how physical flesh and bones are directly reflective of how you think and feel. How you think, so it is (in physical form). I show you how to work with this natural fenomena so you can heal for good, be in charge of your world and feel at peace any time you want it.

It’s quick and effective but if that doesn’t happen for you, don’t worry, there may be just some resistance. Be patient with yourself, you’ll get it.

Once the challenge ends next Friday if you’d like to take things further and learn more I’d like to offer you what those options are.

Although the steps are super easy, it’s really important to do all 5 steps for the best effects. So to encourage you, everyone who stays until Friday will get my 30-min deep healing guided meditation. No matter how bad you feel, when you put this on, you’ll be guided to peace and pain relief.

Any questions please ask. 

Click here to join:
SEE YOU MONDAY!! I can’t wait! xx

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