Welcome to DAY 5, the last day of your HEALING CHALLENGE 

How have you been getting on?

What’s been happening for you?

Did you get the hang of it?

If it’s working for you, well done, healing is your right. Go ahead with DAY 5.

If it’s not worked as well as you’d hoped, please don’t panic! Keep practicing each step. The techniques are simple and they work but many things can get in the way of healing. I normally take 3 months to take someone through the healing process.

If my style is new to you, it takes time to get the hang of it and allow change.

Tell me what’s been happening for you and I can guide you. Come to Facebook group.

You deserve peace, love and wellness.

DAY 5-

Bringing it all together, making it work for you.

By now you have the first 4 steps to allow healing to happen, the support, the power to change things to the way you want and now focussing on bringing it all together.

This is a checklist to make sure you’re doing all the right things to get your healing happening.

Start from where you are:

I’m in pain. Check you’re doing these-

>For immediate relief follow DAYS 1 & 2 - Connect to the pain, breathing deep and slow, immediate pain relief action.

If it doesn't go or gets worse, don't panic. There are reasons it's not budging.

It may have been many years or months developing.

Be patient with yourself, trust your body works just fine, trust in how you want it to feel and breathe into what you’re experiencing.

I’m not in pain. How do I stop it returning. Are you doing these?-

Doing these are as important to do if not more so than getting immediate relief. They clear the root cause and stop negative patterns and pain from ever developing. Like preparing the soil for the seed.

>Love yourself - how can you love yourself right now? What makes you feel good?

Youmay not feel like loving yourself but do it anyway and as the you get the momentum going, everything will follow.

>Meditation - Without centring, our egos and mind will take over. Meditation detaches us from control and connects us to flow. That’s where the healing is.

>Rest, sleep - 4 healing hormones are released between 10 and 2am but you have to be asleep to get them.

>Drink 2-3L of pure water daily. Every part of you needs water to function especially if you are unwell - you need more.

>Breathe fresh air.

>Proper diet – organic, non-GMO, unprocessed.

>Exercise - The PFM is a healing method but your body still needs to move. Make it regular and do what you can within your ability.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about nudging yourself in the direction youwant to go. It can take time to change. Keep checking in with your ultimate goal. Take yourself through the steps as you need them.

Get my help to guide to pain-free here or

watch the videos and I walk you through the exact process:


What next?..

Well done for taking up the 5-DAY HEALING CHALLENGE. I hope you have got the results you wanted. If not and you feel this method could help you, reach out to me.

I offer a free 45-minute call to chat about what the PFM can do for you and on the call I’m also going to take you through the first step - pain relief, so you’ll know for sure if this method can help you.


Thank you for joining me on this healing challenge.

As a special thank you and to get your healing boosted, this GIFT is for you a 30-minute deep healing meditation.

Use it when you’re in pain or want deep relaxation.

I’ve really enjoyed delivering and guiding you through this challenge. I hope you did too.

How did you get on with it? I’d really love to know - good, bad or ugly! Please get in touch below, and let’s get the healing you want and deserve.

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