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DAY 4-

How to change your world for the one you want.

Everything is energy and this is how to change your world for the better...your body will follow.

When you’re stressed your shoulders might get tight and if the stress goes on long enough, your hair might start falling out or you might get skin rashes or get run down.

Do you see how your body responds to how you feel and think?

Well you can turn things to the way you actually want instead of being the slave to your circumstances.

If things are tough for you right now this can be challenging but think of pink elephants and you do right?

This is the same. Your thoughts and feelings can change in a moment and your body will reflect that.

What to do to change things-

Like attracts like It’s the law of nature.

Pain and suffering create tension and tightness but when you reverse that by intentionally bringing in positivity, everything will follow.

There are many things you can do to add positivity and it’s incredibly effective.

How you feel dictates how you think and how your body responds but don’t believe me. Try it out for yourself and see the results. Focus on what you want in your life and everything will reflect the same.

Try these. They are particularly effective when things are bad but sometimes you’ll have to persevere until the momentum is going the way you want:

Sing to yourself - it’s a lovely thing to do and it feels good.

Smile for no particular reason - the endorphines that are triggered when you smile will trigger all over your body so even if you don’t feel like smiling, a good feeling will still get triggered.

Look around you - ask yourself “what do I love here?” There will be something because you asked yourself a direct question you get a direct answer. A colour, an object, a person, a sound, etc.

Do something you love - a deep bath, a walk in the park, see a friend, etc.

Breathe deep and slow - stress and pain cause contraction and tightness. When you breathe deeply you are forcing flow in your body and relaxation. You’re going to feel better.

What do YOU love? What makes YOU feel good? Focus on it, think of it, imagine yourself doing it.

Doing something positive and loving when you don’t feel like that, it’s very powerful. YOU are in charge of how you feel and you CAN do something about it.

Watch the videos and I walk you through the exact process:


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