Welcome to DAY 3 of your HEALING CHALLENGE 

How are you doing?

What successes, failures have you had?

If you’re getting the reactions you wanted WELL DONE!! Move to Day 3 below.

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DAY 3-

Instant healing support.

While you’re bringing your focus to the right place to allow healing to happen, there are things you can do to encourage and support your healing for immediate relief.

These will be the kind of things that you may be doing automatically -

Rub with your hand

Curl up and detach

Get some sleep

Put on a cold cloth

Put on a hot water bottle.

Other things could be -

Have a warm bath

Put on essential oils


Rest, sit down

Breathe deeply.

What would work for you?




Whatever you do, these things will be for IMMEDIATE RELIEF and instantly soothing rather than more general help like regular yoga or eating well. If you’re not sure what you can do, let me know in the Facebook page and I’ll help you.

If you haven’t got to grips with DAY 1 & 2 then immediate relief can definately help but the original cause needs addressing first if you want the pain to go.

Watch the videos and I walk you through the exact process:


What next?..

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DAY 4 is with you tomorrow..