STEP ONE - IMMEDIATE pain relief



This is for you if you’re ready to heal and want to get pain relief now.

If you’ve had enough of suffering and are ready to let it go and get your life back, let’s start!

STEP ONE is the most important one to start healing, IMMEDIATE relief .

When you’re facing ‘your dragon’ (your pain) head on, you’re effectively meeting your needs.

Feeling into your painful conditions addresses what’s really creating them.

We usually react to pain, go to the doctor, get pills or even operations but to let the pain go, you have to ground yourself, listen in to yourself and really feel what’s going on for you.

The PainFree Method is a guided healing and once you get how to do it for yourself, it’s super simple, to use any time you need it and amazingly effective.

“I am amazed that it settled so very quickly. Truly staggeringly Amazed. I can not describe the pain that usually continues & the war I felt I was fighting before. I feel hope that I am reclaiming my life back.” - Lee Bradford 

I call it-

‘Clearing your Dragon’

You Get:

60-minutes of STEP ONE guidance from me - how to get immediate pain relief.

-We’ll address what you’re dealing with(your symptoms) and I show you how to do the immediate healing practice.

PLUS a 30-minute follow up to make sure it’s working for you.