Hi, I’m Althea Finch

I help women in chronic or long term physical conditions, tap into their own body’s natural healing system to clear their symptoms and get back to the life they really want to be living.

  • Chronic pain can creep up on us. Before you know it, it’s running your life - you’re making arrangements according to your condition.

  • You start becoming the illness and being known for it.

  • Symptoms develop over many months or years. You have endless tests or even operations that don’t give you the desired results or it even gets worse.

  • Even after using natural methods and gaing a lot of knowledge and unsterstanding about your conditions, you end up not really knowing what you’re supposed to do to get better and to get rid of your symptoms.

  • Dissallusioned, unclear and starting to worry about the future.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Healing is easy and I want to show you how.

****After 20 years of back pain, unable to even bend down to put the washing in, Joslin cleared it with the PainFree Method.

****Jo had chronic knee pain for 9 months and swelling so bad it looked like arm bands. I guided her through the PFM and it cleared in ONE DAY. Even her doctor was shocked.

****Vee didn’t believe it could work for her but she tried it anyway and it work for her back pain. She’s now playing her beloved tennis again.

…And it can work for you too.

With the PFM i teach you how to

>Get immediate pain relief.

>Understand the root cause of your symptoms so you stop them from ever arising.

>Take care of yourself in a healing way so you feel balanced, in charge and full of vitality.

“As founder of The PainFree Method and with over 30 years of therapeutic experience, Althea, in her unique style, helps people reconnect to their true selves, releasing blocks and painful physical conditions so they can finally feel truly authentic and whole and healed, at peace with themselves and free to live the lives the way they really want.”

“Althea is a practitioner of the future of medicine and healing. An amazing guide to healing based on self perception and common sense rather than pharmaceuticals.” -Tim Golding

“Althea is a highly sought after intuitive healer, changing the lives of 100’s of people worldwide.”

To start healing, all you need to be is ready!

To find out how the PainFree Method can help you, book a free call with me. You’ll also learn one key trigger that’s creating your conditions so you know’ll the most effective place for your biggest healing effects.

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